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Rilat Dominates Devil’s Bowl ASCS Opener

Mesquite, TX (April 19, 2002) - Travis Rilat left everyone struggling behind him as he paced the United Expresslines ASCS feature from start to finish Friday night at Devil’s Bowl Speedway. Dave Peoples topped the USA modifieds.

Rilat was fast from the start of the evening in his Haulmark Trailers & Coaches Nr. 1A, winning the second heat race after starting third. That gave him enough passing points to start the 25 lap A feature on the pole. Alongside Rilat would be Toby Brown in the ABF Truck Rebuilders Nr. 61A, winner of the fourth heat race. Jason Johnson in his The Shop Diesel Service / Glenn Dodson, Inc. Nr. 41 and Jerry Bell in the Coursey’s Concrete / Bell’s Carpet Nr. 85 also won their heat races.

With 16 cars set the for feature, there were 17 cars left to start the B. Everyone made it on the track to take the green flag, but Kyle Martin’s race ended quickly when he got turned in the heavy traffic and went nose first into the front straight wall. The Dan’s Body Shop / Sherpa Unlimited Nr. 35 spun around quickly, but did not tip over. Luckily no other cars made contact. Though Martin’s car was too badly damaged to continue. Brandon Corn and B.J. Baze staged a great battle for the lead of the B main as they got close to the checkered flag. Running side by side through the turns, Corn kept the Aero-Speed Performance Parts / Corn Collision Center Nr. 74 just ahead of Baze’s Fanning Plating / Standord Trucking Nr. 19B to take the win. Brandon Erwin and Michael Dupuy earned the other two transfer spots. Tim Crawley and Wayne Pennington took provisionals to move up to the A feature. Larry Neighbors, who lost an engine in hot laps and had motor problems all night, and Larry Long moved up to the A on promoter’s provisionals.

The 24 car field faced challenging conditions as they came down to take the green flag for the 25 lap finale. Devil’s Bowl has missed three straight weekends due to rain, and this weekend forecast was not much better. A light mist fell a couple times in the evening, and began to moisten the track about time for the ASCS sprint feature.

The cars got almost a quarter lap before the first yellow flag flew for a spin in turn one. On the next attempt, Wayne Pennington tangled with another car and crashed spinning into the inside front straight wall in the Conklin Company / Madcap Engines Nr. 71. The third try to start the feature was not a charm. The cars made it all the way to turn two, where Edd French in the Nr. 7S was sent flipping high into the air. Larry Howery in the Discount Gutters / Armaty’s Racing Products Nr. 69 jumped another car’s rear tire as he tried to avoid French and also flipped.

With four cars on the hook, the race finally restarted after the drivers had a couple laps to test the track. They determined it was safe to proceed, and the green flag waved again. Rilat got the jump on Brown and took off. The good start was not really critical as Rilat was easily the fasted car on the track. He build his lead every lap. Brown battled with Gary Wright and Jason Johnson, but those three cars soon lost sight of Rilat. The race went 25 laps without another caution. Fan hopes that lapped traffic would slow Rilat enough for other cars to catch him were dashed as Rilat carved past other cars faster than anyone on the track. Though Brown, Wright and Johnson were racing each other and could not take the chances that Rilat used to pass the other cars.

Slower cars is actually a bad name, because Rilat was so fast he lapped all but eight cars by the time the white flag fell. Rilat was right behind the four car battle for fourth place when he took the checkered flag for victory. Brown had fallen back to eighth after slipping off the top of turn two a couple times. That left Wright and Johnson battling for the runner-up spot. Johnson made several good runs on Wright in the final five laps, but could never find enough room among the lapped cars to make the pass. Wright in the Southwest Express Maxim Nr. 9 took second, a full straightaway behind Rilat, with Johnson just inches behind.

Just after Rilat took the checkered flag, the battle for fourth became a disaster for Cody Branchcomb. He had run a good race in the Branchcomb, Inc. Nr. 94 and was battling with three time Devil’s Bowl champion Kevin Ramey for the position as they entered turn one. They were also trying to lap some other cars. Contact with someone in the crowed turn sent Branchcomb flipping high into the air out of the turn. Ramey avoided the crash and took fourth in the Burkham Construction / Smiley’s Racing Products Nr. 7M with 2001 ASCS Champion Zach Chappell taking fifth in the Champco Concrete / AMSoil Synthetic Nr. 50Z. Branchcomb fell to 12th as he could not finish the final lap.

Peoples had his best night at Devil’s Bowl as the 2002 points season opened for the USA modifieds Friday night. After winning his heat race in the DaveCO Construction Nr. 11, he lined up third for the 15-lap feature, based on passing points. Tom Lorenz in the sponsorless Nr. 84 and Frank Rose in the Sherrell Heating & Air Nr. 18 won the other two heat races. Lorenz earned the most passing points to take the pole position, with Ronnie Welborn earning the outside pole in his Country Kids Daycare / Big G Auto Supply Nr. 20.

Lorenz and Welborn raced side by side through the first turn as the 23 cars took the green flag. Welborn was punted in turn two and spun to bring out the first caution of the race. Forced to restart on the back, he eventually climbed back to finish eighth. Lorenz and Rose were the front row as the race restarted with Lorenz taking the early lead. Out front for five laps, Lorenz reluctantly surrendered the lead to Peoples on the sixth lap. The yellow waved a lap later for Jerry Cowart’s spin. Peoples held off all challengers when the race resumed. After a few laps of close racing, Peoples pulled away to take the win by a comfortable margin. Rick McCommas moved past Lorenz for second late in the race in the B&H Painting / Duckworth Asphalt & Paving Nr. 39. Fourth, behind Lorenz, at the checkered flag was Richard McGibboney in the Baber’s Garage / Smiley’s Racing Products Nr. 19. Rose completed the top five with a strong run to the checkered flag.

Story by Reggie Fields

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RACE RESULTS - Devil’s Bowl Speedway - Friday, April 19, 2002

ASCS UNITED EXPRESSLINES OUTLAW SPRINT CARS - First Heat Race: 1. #41, Jason Johnson, Eunice, LA; 2. #74E, Claud Estes, Godley, TX; 3. #7S, Edd French, Keller, TX; 4. #50Z, Zach Chappell, Talala, OK; 5. #5E, Brandon Erwin, Lake Kiowa, TX; 6. #4M, Michael Dupuy, Amite, LA; 7. #4, Ronnie Burke, Jr., Houston, TX; 8. #31C, Matt Clevenger, Flower Mound, TX; 9. #12, Rick Behr, Houston, TX

Second Heat Race: 1. #1A, Travis Rilat, Texas City, TX; 2. #9, Gary Wright, Hooks, TX; 3. #7M, Kevin Ramey, Fort Worth, TX; 4. #39, Marvin Lough, Fort Worth, TX; 5. #11X, Garry Lee Maier, Cimarron, KS; 6. #4R, Kevin Rowland, Midlothian, TX; 7. #35, Kyle Martin, Liberal, KS; 8. #17, Bubba Coston, Reno, TX

Third Heat Race: 1. #85, Jerry Bell, Rowlett, TX; 2. #94, Cody Branchcomb, Sapulpa, OK; 3. #6M, Blake Mallory, Joshua, TX; 4. #31B, Brian Harvill, Irving, TX; 5. #74, Brandon Corn, Hearne, TX; 6. #36, Jason Martin, Liberal, KS; 7. #29N, Larry Neighbors, Oklahoma City, OK; 8. #87, Tim Crawley, Mabelvale, AR

Fourth Heat Race: 1. #61A, Toby Brown, Carthage, MO; 2. #93, Chris Sweeney, Huffman, TX; 3. #69, Larry Howery, Hearne, TX; 4. #26, Derek Drown, Amarillo, TX; 5. #19B, B.J. Baze, Sherman, TX; 6. #28, Larry Long, Dallas, TX; 7. #31, Brandon Berryman, Missouri City, TX; 8. #71, Wayne Pennington, Orrick, MO

B Main: 1. #74, Brandon Corn, Hearne, TX; 2. #19B, B.J. Baze, Sherman, TX; 3. #5E, Brandon Erwin, Lake Kiowa, TX; 4. #4M, Michael Dupuy, Amite, LA; 5. #28, Larry Long, Dallas, TX; 6. #36, Jason Martin, Liberal, KS; 7. #31C, Matt Clevenger, Flower Mound, TX; 8. #4R, Kevin Rowland, Midlothian, TX; 9. #4, Ronnie Burke, Jr., Houston, TX; 10. #31, Brandon Berryman, Missouri City, TX; 11. #12, Rick Behr, Houston, TX; 12. #17, Bubba Coston, Reno, TX; 13. #29N, Larry Neighbors, Oklahoma City, OK; 14. #71, Wayne Pennington, Orrick, MO; 15. #87, Tim Crawley, Mabelvale, AR; 16. #11X, Garry Lee Maier, Cimarron, KS; 17. #35, Kyle Martin, Liberal, KS

A FEATURE: 1. #1A, Travis Rilat, Texas City, TX; 2. #9, Gary Wright, Hooks, TX; 3. #41, Jason Johnson, Eunice, LA; 4. #7M, Kevin Ramey, Fort Worth, TX; 5. #50Z, Zach Chappell, Talala, OK; 6. #61A, Toby Brown, Carthage, MO; 7. #4M, Michael Dupuy, Amite, LA; 8. #39, Marvin Lough, Fort Worth, TX; 9. #85, Jerry Bell, Rowlett, TX; 10. #19B, B.J. Baze, Sherman, TX; 11. #31B, Brian Harvill, Irving, TX; 12. #94, Cody Branchcomb, Sapulpa, OK; 13. #93, Chris Sweeney, Huffman, TX; 14. #26, Derek Drown, Amarillo, TX; 15. #5E, Brandon Erwin, Lake Kiowa, TX; 16. #74, Brandon Corn, Hearne, TX; 17. #6M, Blake Mallory, Joshua, TX; 18. #29N, Larry Neighbors, Oklahoma City, OK; 19. #87, Tim Crawley, Mabelvale, AR; 20. #74E, Claud Estes, Godley, TX; 21. #7S, Edd French, Keller, TX; 22. #69, Larry Howery, Hearne, TX; 23. #71, Wayne Pennington, Orrick, MO; 24. #28, Larry Long, Dallas, TX

USA MODIFIEDS - First Heat Race: 1. #11, Dave Peoples, Royse City, TX; 2. #19J, Jeff Welborn, Princeton, TX; 3. #17, Charles Lasater, Garland, TX; 4. #6P, Jerry Cowart, Mesquite, TX; 5. #50D, David Gailley, Mesquite, TX; 6. #34, Jay Miller, Terrell, TX; 7. #5, Billy Fronterhouse, Wylie, TX; Did not start - #27, Tony Batt, Princeton, TX

Second Heat Race: 1. #18, Frank Rose, Mesquite, TX; 2. #20, Ronnie Welborn, Princeton, TX; 3. #39, Rick McCommas, Balch Springs, TX; 4. #71, Ronnie Carty, DeSoto, TX; 5. #88, Clyde Dunn, Jr., Sunnyvale, TX; 6. #311, Billy Henderson, Quinlan, TX; 7. #64, Rick Preddy, Little Elm, TX; 8. #87, Tommy Roberts, Quinlan, TX

Third Heat Race: 1. #84, Tom Lorenz, Balch Springs, TX; 2. #19, Richard McGibboney, Dallas, TX; 3. #77, Randy Kirkland, Mesquite, TX; 4. #50X, Rowdy Starnes, McKinney, TX; 5. #85B, Bryan Bell, Garland, TX; 6. #04, Darrell Hathcock, Dallas, TX; 7. #23Z, Richard Miller, Terrell, TX

A FEATURE: 1. #11, Dave Peoples, Royse City, TX; 2. #39, Rick McCommas, Balch Springs, TX; 3. #84, Tom Lorenz, Balch Springs, TX; 4. #19, Richard McGibboney, Dallas, TX; 5. #18, Frank Rose, Mesquite, TX; 6. #71, Ronnie Carty, DeSoto, TX; 7. #50X, Rowdy Starnes, McKinney, TX; 8. #20, Ronnie Welborn, Princeton, TX; 9. #17, Charles Lasater, Garland, TX; 10. #88, Clyde Dunn, Jr., Sunnyvale, TX; 11. #34, Jay Miller, Terrell, TX; 12. #23Z, Richard Miller, Terrell, TX; 13. #6P, Jerry Cowart, Mesquite, TX; 14. #19J, Jeff Welborn, Princeton, TX; 15. #4, Darrell Hathcock, Dallas, TX; 16. #50D, David Gailley, Mesquite, TX; 17. #85B, Bryan Bell, Garland, TX; 18. #311, Billy Henderson, Quinlan, TX; 19. #64, Rick Preddy, Little Elm, TX; 20. #77, Randy Kirkland, Mesquite, TX; 21. #87, Tommy Roberts, Quinlan, TX; 22. #5, Billy Fronterhouse, Wylie, TX; 23. #27, Tony Batt, Princeton, TX

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