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The 2012 Champions

#75 Patrick Daniel
Late Models

#81 Danny Caldwell
USA Modifieds

#39 Jimmy Staats
USA Limited Modifieds

#92 Harry Hronas
Street Stocks

 Lanny and Beverly wish to thank all the racers and fans for a wonderful 2012 season.
Devil's Bowl will return to every Saturday night racing in 2013 featuring the 305 Sprints, Late Models, USA Modifieds and USA Limited Modifieds




Devil's Bowl 2012 Season

March 24, 2012

ASCS Outlaw Sprint Cars

Heat 1 – 1. #11S Patrick Stasa, Kingman, Kan.; 2. #53 Jack Dover, Springfield, Neb.; 3. #22 Koby Barksdale, Norman, Okla.; 4. #7M Kevin Ramey, Fort Worth; 5. #2 Dustin Morgan, Broken Arrow, Okla.; 6. #5H Logan Forler, Eatonville, Wash.; 7. #23 Seth Bergman, Snohomish, Wash. DNS - #22A Dan Adkins, Amarillo.

Heat 2 -- 1. #3 Raven Clup, Mesquite; 2. #41 Jason Johnson, Greenville; 3. #15H Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Sunnyvale; 4. #48 Jake Martens, Fairview, Okla.; 5. #1 Danny Jennings, Norman, Okla.; 6. #30 Brandon Corn, Hearne; 7. #69 Larry Howery, Hearne; 8. #17 Bruce Griffith, Jr., Highlands.

Heat 3 -- 1. #99 Brady Badon, Broken Arrow, Okla.; 2. #Dale Wester, Ovilla; 3. #45 Martin Edwards, Mesquite; 4. #18 Tony Bruce, Jr., Owasso, Okla.; 5. #77X Wayne Johnson, Knoxville, Iowa; 6. #03 Joe Wood, Jr., Oklahoma City, Okla.; 7. #50off Travis Rilat, Forney; 8. #87 Aaron Reutzel, Clute

Heat 4 -- 1. #11C Matt Covington, Glenpool, Okla.; 2. #2L Logan Payne, Dallas; 3. #45X Johnny Herrera, Albuquerque, N.M.; 4. #74X Joshua Hodges, Tijeras, N.M.; 5. #10 George White, Fort Worth; 6. #35G Barry Gifford, Ponca City, Okla.; 7. 22K Kevin Barksdale, Norman, Okla.; DNS - #21X Taylor Valasquez, Turpin, Okla.

Heat 5 -- 1. #94 Kyle Sauder, Archbold, Ohio; 2. #14 Michael Lang, Mesquite; 3. #81 Danny Wood, Norman, Okla.; 4. #05 Brad Loyet, St Louis, Mo.; 5. #54 Evan Pardo, Gatesville, 6. #9 Gary Wright, Hooks; 7. #7S Robert Sellers, Mustang, Okla.

B-Main 1 -- 1. #45 Martin Edwards, Mesquite; 2. #7M Kevin Ramey, Fort Worth; 3. #48 Jake Martens, Fairview, Okla.; 4. #30 Brandon Corn, Hearne; 5. #69 Larry Howery, Hearne; 6. #5H Logan Forler, Eatonville, Wash.; 7. #35G Barry Gifford, Ponca City, Okla.; 8. #10 George White, Fort Worth, 9. #22K Kevin Barksdale, Norman, Okla.; DNS - #54 Evan Pardo, Gatesville; DNS - #7S Robert Sellers, Mustang, Okla.; DNS - #22A Dan Adkins, Amarillo.

B-Main 2 -- 1. #18 Tony Bruce, Jr., Owasso, Okla.; 2. #74X Joshua Hodges, Tijeras, N.M.; 3. #03 Joe Wood, Jr., Oklahoma City, Okla.; 4. #9 Gary Wright, Hooks, 5. #1 Danny Jennings, Norman, Okla.; 6. #50off, Travis Rilat, Forney; 7. #2 Dustin Morgan, Broken Arrow, Okla.; 8. #87 Aaron Reutzel, Clute; 9. #23 Seth Bergman, Snohomish, Wash.; 10. #17 Bruce Griffin, Jr., Highlands.

A-Main -- 1. #41 Jason Johnson, Greenville; 2. #77X Wayne Johnson, Knoxville, Iowa; 3. #99 Brady Bacon, Broken Arrow, Okla.; 4. #11C Matt Covington, Glenpool, Okla.; 5. #14 Michael Lang, Mesquite; 6. #18 Tony Bruce, Jr., Owasso, Okla.; 7. #9 Gary Wright, Hooks; 8. #15H Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Sunnyvale; 9. #53 Jack Dover, Springfield, Neb.; 10. #94 Kyle Sauder, Archbold, Ohio; 11. #03 Joe Wood, Jr., Oklahoma City, Okla.; 12. #11S Patrick Stasa, Kingman, Kan.; 13. #05 Brad Loyet, St. Louis, Mo.; 14. #48 Jake Martens, Fairview, Okla.; 15. #74X Joshua Hodges, Tijeras, N.M.; 16. #2 Dustin Morgan, Broken Arrow, Okla.; 17. #45 Martin Edwards, Mesquite; 18. #45X Johnny Herrera, Albuquerque, N.M.; 19. #3 Raven Clup, Mesquite; 20. #81 Danny Wood, Norman, Okla.; 21. #7M Kevin Ramey, Fort Worth; 22. #Logan Payne, Dallas; 23. #12 Dale Wester, Ovilla; 24. #22 Koby Barksdale, Norman, Okla. 

Late Models

Heat 1 -- 1. #77 Danny Caldwell, Princeton; 2. #28B Wendall Bolden, Greenville; 3. #84 Tom Lorenz, Mesquite; 4. #ZZ Sloppy Hogg, Memphis, Tenn.; 5. #316 Mike Rucker, Wichita Falls; 6. #31 Gary Lowe, Plano; 7. #20 Charles Armstrong, III, Johsua; DNS - #82 Max Eddie Thomas, Quinlan.

Heat 2 -- 1. #12 Johnny Philpot, Jr., Sunnyvale; 2. #98 Troy Tindall, Mabank; 3. #75 Patrik Daniel, Wills Point; 4. #99 Nate Jantz, McKinney; 5. #5 Marcus Baxter, Sachse; 6. #27M Chase Allen, Midlothian; 7. #21 Darren Ellis, Quinlan; 8. #83 Charles Armstrong, Jr., Joshua.

A-Main -- 1. #12 Johnny Philpot, Jr., Sunnyvale; 2. #75 Patrik Daniel, Wills Point; 3. #84 Tom Lorenz, Mesquite; 4. #77 Danny Caldwell, Princeton; 5. #98 Troy Tindall, Mabank; 6. #27M Chase Allen, Midlothian; 7. #31 Gary Lowe, Plano; 8. #99 Nate Jantz, McKinney; 9. #316 Mike Rucker, Wichita Falls; 10. #ZZ Sloppy Hogg, Memphis, Tenn.; 11. #20 Charles Armstrong, III, Joshua; 12. #5 Marcus Baxter, Sachse; 13. #82 Max Eddie Thomas, Quinlan; 14. #21 Darren Ellis, Quinlan; DNS - 28B Wendall Bolden, Greenville; #83 Charles Armstrong, Jr., Joshua.

USA Limited Modifieds

Heat 1 -- 1. #85 Tim Simmons, Mesquite; 2. #19 Jeff McGibboney, Dallas; 3. #165M Matt Reid, Sunnyvale; 4. #02 Bill Dennis, Seagoville; 5. #6 Tandy Boroughs, Mesquite; 6. #37M Mike Meeks, Jr., Mesquite; 7. #21 Lancley Johnson, Rockwall

Heat 2 -- 1. #33 Pepper Rhea Kuykendall, Midlothian; 2. #49 Chris Cleveland, Dallas; 3. #1* Jason Troutman, Sunnyvale; 4. #75 Wally Beaty, Mesquite; 5. #68 Richard Murray, Rowlett; 6. #8C Colby O'Neal, Midlothian

Heat 3 -- 1. #50 Steve Sickels, Rowlett; 2. #39 Jimmy Staats, Edgewood; 3. #76 Anthony McCollom, Denton; 4. #81B Cody Simpson, Quinlan; 5. #77 Brian Bolden, Quinlan; 6. #34X Lance Ondracek, Mesquite

A-Main -- 1. #39 Jimmy Staats, Edgewood; 2. #49 Chris Cleveland, Dallas; 3. #81B Cody Simpson, Quinlan; 4. #1* Jason Troutman, Sunnyvale; 5. #50 Steve Sickels, Rowlett; 6. #75 Wally Beaty, Mesquite; 7. #76 Anthony McCollom, Denton; 8. #19 Jeff McGibboney, Dallas; 9. #68 Richard Murray, Rowlett; 10. #6 Tandy Boroughs, Mesquite; 11. #21 Lancely Johnson, Rockwall; 12. #33 Pepper Rhea Kuykendall, Midlothian; 13. #37M Mike Meeks, Jr., Mesquite; 14. #165M Matt Reid, Sunnyvale; 15. #02 Bill Dennis, Seagoville; 16. #77 Brian Bolden, Quinlan; 17. #34X Lance Ondracek, Mesquite; 18. #8C Cobly O'Neal, Midlothian; DNS - #85 Tim Simmons, Mesquite.

Jason Johnson Claims ASCS Outlaw Sprints Victory in 2012 Spring Nationals Devil's Bowl Season Opener

Mesquite, TX (Mar 24) - Jason Johnson started his The Shop Diesel Service #41 in the inside of the third row for Saturday night's 30 lap ASCS feature, but ended the race in victory lane. Johnny Philpot, Jr. led the late models from flag to flag. Jimmy Staats claimed the lead and with win of the USA Limited Modifieds main on the last lap.

March 24, 2012
ASCS Lucas Oil Outlaw Sprints Spring Nationals Champion - #41 Jason Johnson

March 24 2012
Late Models Spring Nationals Feature Winner - #12 Johnny Philpot, Jr.

March 24 2012
USA Limited Modifieds Spring Nationals Feature Winner - #39 Jimmy Staats

Michael Lang started on the pole for the final race of the 39th Annual Spring Nationals on the Devil's Bowl half mile oval.

He beat Raven Culp to the start line, only to see the red flag wave seconds later as Dale Wester flipped on the front straight and collected Koby Barksdale.

On the restart Lang again pulled away and set the pace for the early laps. The red flag flew again afte the 12th lap when Culp contacted the front straight wall and flipped. Danny Wood had no way to avoid Clup's car and also flipped. The drivers walked away from the mangled race cars.

Lang led the field back to the green flag after the cleanup, only to have Johnny Herrera complete a pass for the lead. But the engine on Herrera's car faltered a couple laps later, putting Lang back out front.

Sixth starting Brady Bacon worked past Lang to take the race lead on the 17th trip around the track. Jason Johnson had fallen back on the start but was coming strong as he took the runner-up spot from Lang a couple laps later.

The caution waved just as Bacon started to lap slower cars. On the 24th lap restart, Johnson got the run he needed to slip under Bacon in turn two and claim the lead. Wayne Johnson also got past Bacon in the late laps to finish second. Bacon was third at the checkered flag with Matt Covington fourth and Lang finishing fifth.

Patrick Stasa, Raven Culp, Brady Bacon, Matt Covington and Kyle Sauder won the heat races with Martin Edwards and Tony Bruce, Jr. winning the twin B mains.

After winning his heat race, Johnny Philpot, Jr. started the Late Model feature on the pole. He took the lead at the start and set the pace all the way to the checkered flag.

Philpot was smooth and perfect as he circled the track on his way to his first win of the 2012 season. The battle of the race was behind him.

Tom Lornez charged into second, and battled with Troy Tindall and Danny Caldwell for the spot. Also a heat race winner, Caldwell was the best of the group as he moved up and took the second spot. But on a 7th lap caution, Caldwell stopped, and was sent to the rear for the restart.

Patrik Daniel, who had fallen back to eighth early in the race climbed back to be third on the restart. He flew past Lorenz on the restart and pulled away along with Philpot for the last half of the race.

Daniel could not catch Philpot, but the others could not challenge him for second. Caldwell got back up to fourth by the 10th lap, and challenged Lorenz to the checkered flag, but had to settle for that spot behind third running Lornez. Tindall rounded out the top five.

The Limited Modified feature also looked to be a runway with pole sitter Pepper Rhea Kuykendall pulling away from the field to lead from the start to the white flag.

Defending USA Limited Modified champion Jimmy Staats claimed the second spot in a three wide battle on the opening lap, only to have Chris Cleveland take the position a couple laps later.

As Kuykendall took the white flag, his car slowed suddenly. Staats was able to get past Cleveland to take the victory. Coby Simpson took third on the final lap.

Kuykendall, Steve Sickels and Tim Simmons took the heat race wins.