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The 2012 Champions

#75 Patrick Daniel
Late Models

#81 Danny Caldwell
USA Modifieds

#39 Jimmy Staats
USA Limited Modifieds

#92 Harry Hronas
Street Stocks

 Lanny and Beverly wish to thank all the racers and fans for a wonderful 2012 season.
Devil's Bowl will return to every Saturday night racing in 2013 featuring the 305 Sprints, Late Models, USA Modifieds and USA Limited Modifieds




Devil's Bowl 2012 Season

ASCS Outlaw Sprint Cars - Gulf South Region vs Lone Star Region

Heat 1 -- 1. #224 John Carney, Lubbock; 2. #27 Andy Shouse, Oklahoma City, Okla.; 3. #69 Larry Howery, Hearne; 4. #45X J.P. Bailey, Collinsville, Okla.; 5. #45 Martin Edwards, Mesquite; 6. #14B Robert Byrom, Fort Worth; 7. #15T Travis Elliott, Alvin; 8. #6 Ryan Beechler, McKinney.

Heat 2 -- 1. #11P Preston Peebles, Lubbock; 2. #4X Shawn Peterson, Irving; 3. #31 Brandon Berryman, Missouri City; 4. #1J Danny Jennings, Norman, Okla.; 5. #12M Kyle McCutheon, Alamagordo, N.M; 6. #12W Dale Wester, Ovilla; 7. #66 J.J. Simmons, Alvin; 8. #48 Jake Martens, Fairview, Okla..

Heat 3 -- 1. #11C Matt Covington, Glenpool, Okla.; 2. #21T Ray Allen Kulhanek, Conroe; 3. #10 George White, Fort Worth; 4. #2 Wes Miller, Santa Fe; 5. #24 Brandie Jass, Bryan; 6. #93 Chris Sweeney, Channelview; 7. #17 Josh Baughman, Odessa; 8. #02 Harry Yerrington, Bryan.

Heat 4 -- 1. #28 Tommy Bryant, Spring; 2. #35 Greg Rilat, Texas City; 3. #19 Klint Angelette, Thibodaux, La.; 4. #25M Michael McNeil, Alvin; 5. #15 Andy Van Blarcum, Sandia; 6. #51 Beau Smith, Texas City; 7. #5C Chris Coker, Wylie.

Heat 5 -- 1. #29 Brandon Hahn, Tulsa, Okla.; 2. #74E Claud Estes, Godley; 3. #22 Koby Barksdale, Norman, Okla.; 4. #3 Raven Culp, Mesquite; 5. #12 Shawn Mize, Crowley; 6. #11 Justin Melton, Flower Mound; 7. #21 Wes Wofford, Alamogordo, N.M.

B-Main 1 -- 1. #45 Martin Edwards, Mesquite; 2. #12M Kyle McCutheon, Alamagordo, N.M; 3. #69 Larry Howery, Hearne; 4. #11 Justin Melton, Flower Mound; 5. #17 Josh Baughman, Odessa; 6. #12 Shawn Mize, Crowley; 7. #14B Robert Byrom, Fort Worth; 8. #51 Beau Smith, Texas City; DNs - #5C Chris Coker, Wylie; DNS - #02 Harry Yerrington, Bryan.

B-Main 2 -- 1. #12W Dale Wester, Ovilla; 2. #48 Jake Martens, Fairview, Okla.; 3. #21 Wes Wofford, Alamogordo, N.M; 4. #6 Ryan Beechler, McKinney; 5. #24 Brandie Jass, Bryan; 6. #15 Andy Van Blarcum, Sandia; 7. #93 Chris Sweeney, Channelview; 8. #66 J.J. Simmons, Alvin; 9. #15T Travis Elliott, Alvin; DNS - #3 Raven Culp, Mesquite.

A-Main -- 1. #224 John Carney, Lubbock; 2. #27 Andy Shouse, Oklahoma City, Okla.; 3. #1J Danny Jennings, Norman, Okla.; 4. #21T Ray Allen Kulhanek, Conroe; 5. #74E Claud Estes, Godley; 6. #25M Michael McNeil, Alvin; 7. #12M Kyle McCutheon, Alamagordo, N.M; 8. #29 Brandon Hahn, Tulsa, Okla.; 9. #2 Wes Miller, Santa Fe; 10. #48 Jake Martens, Fairview, Okla.; 11. #10 George White, Fort Worth; 12. #19 Klint Angelette, Thibodaux, La.; 13. #69 Larry Howery, Hearne; 14. #35 Greg Rilat, Texas City; 15. #28 Tommy Bryant, Spring; 16. #45X J.P. Bailey, Collinsville, Okla.; 17. #31 Brandon Berryman, Missouri City; 18. #12W Dale Wester, Ovilla; 19. #11C Matt Covington, Glenpool, Okla.; 20. #4X Shawn Peterson, Irving; 21. #22 Koby Barksdale, Norman, Okla.; 22. #45 Martin Edwards, Mesquite; 23. #21 Wes Wofford, Alamogordo, N.M; DNS - #11P Preston Peebles, Lubbock.

Late Models

Heat 1 -- 1. #98 Troy Tindall, Mabank; 2. #17M Phil Miller, Plano; 3. #99 Nate Jantz, McKinney; 4. #75 Patrik Daniel, Wills Point; 5. #21 Darren Ellis, Quinlan; 6. #82 Max Eddie Thomas, Quinlan; 7. #ZZ Sloppy Hogg, Memphis, Tenn..

Heat 2 -- 1. #28B Wendall Bolden, Greenville; 2. #12 Johnny Philpot, Jr., Sunnyvale; 3. #31 Gary Lowe, Plano; 4. #316 Mike Rucker, Wichita Falls; 5. #11 Joel Wyatt, Justin; 6. #8 Skip O'Neal, Midolothian; 7. #51 Brad Ables, Rockwall; DNS - #77 Danny Caldwell, Princeton.

A-Main -- 1. #28B Wendall Bolden, Greenville; 2. #75 Patrik Daniel, Wills Point; 3. #17M Phil Miller, Plano; 4. #12 Johnny Philpot, Jr., Sunnyvale; 5. #99 Nate Jantz, McKinney; 6. #82 Max Eddie Thomas, Quinlan; 7. #21 Darren Ellis, Quinlan; 8. #316 Mike Rucker, Wichita Falls; 9. #98 Troy Tindall, Mabank; 10. #31 Gary Lowe, Plano; 11. #ZZ Sloppy Hogg, Memphis, Tenn.; 12. #11 Joel Wyatt, Justin; 13. #8 Skip O'Neal, Midolothian; 14. #51 Brad Ables, Rockwall; DNS - #77 Danny Caldwell, Princeton.

USA Modifieds

Heat 1 -- 1. #15B Thomas Blackwell, Crandall; 2. #25 Tony Staats, Terrell; 3. #19 Richard McGibboney, Dallas; 4. #51X Danny Florence, McKinney; 5. #4 Tracy Adams, Rowlett.

Heat 2 -- 1. #36T Trent Dorman, Mesquite; 2. #24 Jeff Jones, Forney; 3. #1S Ronnie Sigman, Dallas; 4. #5X Danny Veal, Princeton; 5. #12X Richard Miller, Quinlan; DNS - #B23 Bill Blue, Allen.

A-Main -- 1. #15B Thomas Blackwell, Crandall; 2. #36T Trent Dorman, Mesquite; 3. #1S Ronnie Sigman, Dallas; 4. #19 Richard McGibboney, Dallas; 5. #24 Jeff Jones, Forney; 6. #51X Danny Florence, McKinney; 7. #12X Richard Miller, Quinlan; 8. #5X Danny Veal, Princeton; 9. #25 Tony Staats, Terrell; 10. #4 Tracy Adams, Rowlett; DNS - #B23 Bill Blue, Allen.

USA Limited Modified

Heat 1 -- 1. #85 Tim Simmons, Mesquite; 2. #49 Chris Cleveland, Dallas; 3. #19 Jeff McGibboney, Dallas; 4. #8 Richard Murray, Rowlett; 5. #165M Matt Reid, Sunnyvale; 6. #168 Louis Lester, Terrell.

Heat 2 -- 1. #39 Jimmy Staats, Edgewood; 2. #7 Bubba Spencer, Mesquite; 3. #77 Brian Bolden, Quinlan; 4. #23 Steve Nabors, Rockwall; 5. #71 Scott Fincher, Caney, Okla.; 6. #75 Wally Beaty, Dallas.

Heat 3 -- 1. #56 Jimmy Criswell, III, Cedar Hill; 2. #6 Tandy Boroughs, Mesquite; 3. #81B Cody Simpson, Quinlan; 4. #2 Brian Short, Denison; 5. #33 Pepper Rhea Kuykendall, Midlothian; 6. #100X Michael Grubbs, Sachse.

A-Main -- 1. #81B Cody Simpson, Quinlan; 2. #49 Chris Cleveland, Dallas; 3. #33 Pepper Rhea Kuykendall, Midlothian; 4. #19 Jeff McGibboney, Dallas; 5. #85 Tim Simmons, Mesquite; 6. #75 Wally Beaty, Dallas; 7. #8 Richard Murray, Rowlett; 8. #6 Tandy Boroughs, Mesquite; 9. #71 Scott Fincher, Caney, Okla.; 10. #100X Michael Grubbs, Sachse; 11. #39 Jimmy Staats, Edgewood; 12. #56 Jimmy Criswell, III, Cedar Hill; 13. #168 Louis Lester, Terrell; 14. #7 Bubba Spencer, Mesquite; 15. #77 Brian Bolden, Quinlan; 16. #2 Brian Short, Denison; 17. #165M Matt Reid, Sunnyvale; DNS - #23 Steve Nabors, Rockwall.

Carney Masters Traffic for ASCS Win at Devil's Bowl

Mesquite, TX (Au 25) - John Carney came from the third row to pass Bandon Berryman for the lead on his way to victory at the ASCS Gulf South Region vs Lone Star Region Shooutout at Devil's Bowl Speedway Saturday night.

Thomas Blackwell held off Trent Dorman to win the USA Modifieds main. Cody Simpson topped the USA Limited Modifieds. Wendall Bolden made it two Late Models wins in a row.

#224 John Carney
ASCS Sprints Winner

Brandon Berryman led the ASCS sprint cars field to the green flag, only to have the red wave seconds later.

First B Main winner Martin Edwards got caught in the pack diving into turn one and flipped into the infield. He walked away, somewhat unhappy.

#15B Thomas Blackwell
USA Modifieds Winner

After winning his heat, Thomas Blackwell started on the pole for the USA Modifieds 15-lapper. The other heat winner Trent Dorman started alongside.

It was Blackwell who won the drag race to turn one. He stayed out front all the way to the checkered flag. Dorman was right on his bumper most of the race, but could not find an opening to make a pass.

Ronnie Sigman was third at the checkered flag.

#81B Cody Simpson
USA Limited Modifieds Winner

Cody Simpson started on the outside of the front row for the 12-lap main for the USA Limited Modifieds. He held off Jeff McGibboney for the opening laps.

Chris Cleveland took second on a fourth lap restart, and Simpson had to be thinking of the race a month ago when he was leading, and forced into the pits by problems with his car.

But he had no such trouble tonight, staying out front to take the win ahead of Cleveland and Pepper Rhea.

Points leader Jimmy Staats briefly took second at mid-race, but something soon broke on his car and he pulled into the pits. Staats, Jimmy Criswell and Tim Simmons won the heat races..

#28B Wendall Bolden
Late Models Winner

It has been a rough season for 2011 Late Model Champion Wendall Bolden. Problems early in the year have taken him out of the points race.

They appear to have things worked out, with Bolden taking his second Late Model feature win in a row Saturday night.

Polesitter Phil Miller took the early lead leaving seventh starting Bolden to battle with Johnny Philpot for second.

On a sixth lap restart, Bolden took second. Right on Miller's rear bumper, Bolden was able to claim the lead with a couple laps to go when Miller slipped over the cushion in turn two. Patrik Daniel  also got past Miller to finish secon d with Miller falling to third.

Bolden and Troy Tindall won the heats.

When the race got started Berryman pulled away from outside front row starter Brandon Hahn. John Careny came from outside the third row into third place. The leaders quickly circled the half-mile clay oval, catching the back of the pack on the sixth lap.

Passing the slower cars was difficult as the sprinters dried the track. Carney took second on the third lap, and went three wide in turn four on the eighth circuit to claim the lead. the caution flew on the 13th lap as third running Matt Covington tangled with a lapped car, also collecting fifth running Tommy Bryant.

Through four additional restarts, Carney held the lead. Danny Jennings came from tenth at the start to challenge Carney on the starts, but ninth starting Andy Shouse was making moves with runs around the bottom of turns one and two on those restarts. Shouse got past Jennings for the runner-up spot on the last restart, with Jennings taking the checkered in third place.

Edwards and Dale Wester wond the B Mains. Carney, Covington, Bryant and Hahn won their heats. Preston Peebles won the other heat, but broke as he took the checkered flag and was unable to start the feature.